India's Most Comprehensive and Effective Homeschooling Program with Very less SCREEN TIME for kids.



Hard copy full year course (no need of any extra in copy)

Tutorial Books

Hard copy (covers all subjects)

Activity Box

Physical with all material

Activity worksheets

Hard copy (80+ activities for full year based on 9 essential skills)

Video sesions

For Parents only for each Worksheet and each Activity (we don't want kids to learn online or watch screen too much)


Systematic day wise planner for parents to follow on Mobile App

Mobile App for parents only

To see videos, submit homework, ask queries


Three self assessment papers to evaluate learning and performance


Certificate of Completion for promotion to next class.

Competitions and event participation

Kids get opportunity to participate in several competitions and events like summer camp, card making, cooking, rhyme, fancy dress,...etc (virtually)

Parenting sessions

To resolve other child related queries


Complete academic monitoring and guidance by team of experts

Parenting sessions

Four Capsule Courses

  • Dinning etiquette and table manners
  • Art craft and origami
  • Fun with numbers
  • Communication skills and Personality Development

Crianza@Home can make your life super easy

Wondering How

Crianza home schooling is a super flexible world class preschool program delivered to your doorstep!

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